Simple Steps To Freshen Up Your Deck

fresh washed wooden deck

Have you ever thought of renewing your deck only to be discouraged by the notion that this involves a lot of work? Know that there is a simple way of washing your deck using only a detergent and pressure washer. With only two machines and basic skills, you can renew the look of your wood deck.. Let us see how this works systematically.

1. Acquire a Pressure Washer

Visit your local rental center and hire a pressure washer. Usually, the cost of hiring the machine for several hours is less than 50 dollars. A pressure washer is an important part of this project because it scores all the contaminants and dirt away. A pressure washer center in your area can show you how to power wash your deck to restore its natural beauty. Make sure you know how to use the machine to avoid accidents and damage to the wood. You can also use the instructions here, review them with a professional power washing company, and have them do the exact same thing, thus saving you time.

2. Cover Your House and Plants

You should only clean the deck after you have done all repairs, and covered the adjacent siding and plants to protect damage. Yes, strippers are not that harmful but it is always advisable to take maximum precaution. Cover the plants with some plastic, but make sure you remove it immediately after power washing the deck.

3. Clean the Railings and Deck Board

Start pressure washing the rails and work down to the balusters, always moving in a controlled continuous motion. Moving in a controlled, continuous motion is meant to avoid gouging the wood. When washing the deck boards, make sure you do it lengthwise for even better results. In case there are stains and mildew that will not go away, the trick is to wash them several times. Increasing the pressure will only scour the wood and damage your deck. You can remove persistent stains later.

Once you have power-washed every part of the deck, rinse it with plenty of plain water to remove the stripper. Rinsing is also the opportunity to remove leaves, twigs, or any other debris still trapped in the gaps or cracks. Do not forget to remove any over-spray from the siding and windows.

4. Brighten the Deck

At this step we will renew the deck so that it can regain its allure. There are many types of wood brighteners in paint stores. Choose the acid–based brightener because it is environmentally friendly and gives fast results. Remember that some brighteners are ready for use, while others need to be diluted. You can get all this information on the manufacturer’s label. Rinse the siding with clean water but the deck does not need this.

5. Repair the Deck and Remove Stains

It is only after thorough cleaning that you notice some stains and loose places in the deck. Most of the weaker stains respond to non-chlorine bleach quite well, but the more stubborn ones may need a solution of TSP substitute. For even stronger stains, try sanding the affected areas.

6. Finish the Job

A wooden deck takes at least two days to dry after a power wash if there is no rain. When the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, apply the finishing stain, using an applicator pad for the rails, balusters, and deck boards.

Cleaning the deck is very simple if you stick adheres to the safety of the pressure washer and use the cleaning steps suggested here.

Fire Safety Checks – Protecting Your Homes from Fires

When occurrences of fires are shown in the news, people have the tendency to think that such a tragedy happens to other people but not to them. But the truth is, anyone can suffer from a fire. It does not matter if you are young or old, rich or poor; you are not exempted from being a victim of a fire. This is why you need to know how to protect your homes, yourself and your family from fires.

Check for fire hazards

The first thing that you need to do is to check for fire hazards in and around your house. If you live in a rural area and are in danger of being affected if a forest fire breaks out. Create a defensible space around your home. Remove materials that can catch fire easily such as dry vegetation and leaves and tree branches. If there are wood piles and construction materials outside your house, you should make sure that they are not situated near any structure. You should also check your gutters and the spaces under your porch and deck for materials that are flammable.

Use fire resistant materials

If you have the means, then you should remodel your whole or at least some parts of your house using fire resistant materials. When it comes to fires, the roof is one of the most vulnerable parts of the house. This is because roofs can easily catch embers that are blown from materials that are on fire. You can ask your local fire department for fire-resistant roofing materials. Slate, clay, asphalt shingles and metal are some of the better materials that you can use. You should check parts of your house where sparks can enter in case of a fire and cover these areas with a wire mesh. You should also cover your chimney and stovepipes with a nonflammable screen.

Fire resistive plants

If you are someone who has a green thumb, then you should know that there are plants that can help resist fire. Consult your local nursery or your landscape artist about using plants that have low flammability. The best plants to have are those that grow close to the ground and have low resin or sap. It is also wise to use non-flammable materials in your yard or garden.

Make it easy for firemen to fight fire

You should arrange your house in such a way that it is easy for firefighters to fight a fire just in case one breaks out. This means that your home should be easily accessible to firefighters. You should make sure that entry easy big enough for people to come in and out and your address should be clearly posted in front of your house. It is also useful to have a reliable source of water nearby that firefighters can use. If possible, keep water in a large tank within your property. It is also a good idea to have a rolled up water hose attached to a water source outside your house.